W88.com recommended – bull vs. the celtics in the NBA matches

09:00 the two sides are expected to start in January 2016, 8: bull: Ross, butler, rice Luo Diji, Gibson, gasol;The celtics: Thomas, Turner, Claude, amir Johnson, ollie Nick. “

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: let five points.

On Friday morning, the NBA regular season continued to expand, with the bulls and celtics will compete at the united center stadium.The celtics general a. bentley’s injury, team strength or affected, this time visit the bull of the majestic, the celtics have difficult as.

After the 1-0 against the raptors, bucks, the only bulls team six consecutive victories, players morale condition is better.Game data, Ross to injury, Jimmy butler outbreak, against the raptors boom under game-high 42 points, five assists and 4 rebounds season high score data.Pau gasol scored 19 points and 13 rebounds, two pairs of data m Luo Diji contributed 17 points.Keeping the bulls vs strength less the celtics, should win.

The celtics starters five peopleOnly Thomas (24 points) and Claude (16 points) two players in double figures, Bradley, Johnson France only 16 points, three people together and substitute Turner and smart plays unique, two people together make 23 points, to a certain extent, make up for poor score vulnerabilities.

Recommend let five points wins.

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