W88 Portuguese premier league – paulo ferreira VS setubal

04:00 in January 12, , 2016Paulo ferreira VS setubal The two sides are expected to start: Paulo: Ma Feng, ricardo, Mr Cardoso, Patrick vieira, ismail, bailey, Andre qi mourinho, christensen, “joao silva, paraiba, diego about tower;Setubal: Ed, pinto, naxi Mr Alves, tile, tavares, luca, may, jose ramos-horta, XuanJunXiu, karlo, costa.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: ferreira to 0.5.

Home ferreira is Portuguese mid-table, 2012-2013 season they have historic won the third place, last season’s league ranked eighth mediocre, paulo ferreira is fifth of the season, once away at sporting Lisbon and braga, home across the season in 17 games 9-6-2, the loss to guimaraes largely because of the heavy rain led to bad, have some luck.This time the mainScene of confrontation in a comprehensive and lee saba Tours, they should be.

Beat the Della, ferreira last week in recent 2 wins 4 games 2 flat, unbeaten team currently 7-4 flat 5 grades for the fifth championship, from the point of data, ferreira home and away performance more balanced this season, at home did not show a strong combat effectiveness, but the team recently performed well on the offensive end, scored 11 goals in total 4 games recently, main strikers morera aggregate scored six goals in six games, foot is a roll, and midfielder Andrea qi has also broken the goals since the start of the season, along with paulo ferreira in recent 6 times meet setubal five wins and a draw at home unbeaten, this time at home, the team have the confidence to continue good potential.

Setubal status is not so stable recently, 6 round of league game on the ball after the defeat at the foot of sporting Lisbon, team’s recent 1 win 2 draw unbeaten movements was end, from the data point of view, this season on the offensive end setubal, Korea high center XuanJunXiu and new signing Carl tacit cooperation, is now two people hand in hand with 16 goals, but poor defence to the efforts of both, but it is important to note setubal brondbySeason’s performance is very strong, has seven league away 4 win 1 draw two negative, the league the last three months away, only on Porto wreck a force to be reckoned with same.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended ferreira to 0.5 the game ball.

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