Recommended – Paris st germain w88 ligue 1 matches VS bastia

03:30 on January 9, , 2016Paris st germain VS bastia. The two sides are expected to start: Paris st germain: Trapp, thiago silva, David lewis, maqui mourinho, Kurt zawahiri, Lucas, motta, villa’s, pastore, zlatan ibrahimovic, cavani.Bastia: J – lycra, l ‘aquila, Ma Lange, peja bernet, Dan di base, the method, Nick,Card to Mr Hu, m eli, mustafa, Pal kumar.

Best western sports datakeeping: Paris st germain for 2.5.

Friday night, the launch of a ligue 1, is now in the top outshine others in the defending champion Paris st germain in prince park stadium, against 16th bastia, this will kick off 20:30 on January 8, local time.

During the winter break the team participated in a formal game, that is the French cup 32, the teamAway in the face of an amateur team and obtain the expected victory not only through 1-0 score 1-0 to qualify and, of course, considering the team most players have not fight, the result is also understandable.The entire history of the league’s second half, the team did not lose, actually from the beginning of the season, they lost the game also a handful, just in the champions league defeat to real Madrid.Will put more energy in the second half of the season champions league game, maybe they don’t like the season in the premiership smooth sailing, but with their super strength, want to lose too difficult, the only increase could be a draw.

Now 16 teams in the league, scored 22 points, the ligue 1 from the seasons, passing line 40 points gap is not too far away.During the winter transfer market, bastia originally plans to introduce a defensive ability in midfield, as well as a qualified for the second half substitute, brings to the team attack damage, but from the point of the present situation, the two players had not yet in place.Bastia in ligue 1 many club is not rich, the signings of plan team last season and winter break because of economic problems have failed, don’t know if I will repeat this season.The other team also took part in the methodThe cup, they score 2-0 success on the road to win promotion, at least from the point of the game, remains one of the better teams.

Meetings between both parties before 10 games, Paris st germain has obtained 9-1 a good record, but is the biggest upset bastia once broke ligue 1 last season, with a 4-2 victory over Paris st germain.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended bastia refusal under 2.5 goals wins the game.

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