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09:30 January 13, 2016, The knight VS Dallas The two sides are expected to start: The Dallas mavericks: Deron Williams, Matthews, parsons, dirk nowitzki, Mr Chu;Knight: Owen, J – R – Smith, James, love, Thompson.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: knights to 6 points.

On January 13, Beijing time at 9 a.m., knight away to Dallas.For just won the best James last week, in 2011 when he played for the heat, the NBA finals loss to the mavericks, is a sore point in his career.

Knight’s recent state is very good, has had seven wins in a row, leading the eastern alone.James scored 37 points in battle with 76 people 9 assists and seven rebounds matched a season high scoring record.At the same time in the game, James also played the extremely high efficiency, 15 of 22 shots.In late December’s last four games, James is averaging only 18.8Points and shooting 38%.But the last six games, James can cut down 27.8 points, shooting 57.8%.

Like knight, the mavericks recent condition is not bad, they won three games in the past four games, only we lose a game, is 1 points by the bucks.Hit back at the critical moment, the game Middleton instead deron dead, losing to Dallas.In a showdown with the timberwolves, Dallas 93-87 win, nowitzki scored 29 points throughout the game.It is worth mentioning that the mavs game back home, after the knight will play 3 againAway, opponents are respectively the thunder, the bull and the SAN Antonio spurs.

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