W88.com recommended – NBA matches the pistons vs. the spurs

08:30 on January 13, , 2016 piston vs. the spursThe two sides are expected to start: Piston: Jackson, pop, morris, elias francois, drummond;The SAN Antonio spurs: Parker, Danny green, Leonard, lamarcus aldridge, Duncan.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: SAN Antonio to 6.5 points.


Detroit pistons has a good performance this season, currently a 21 victory for 16 row seventh in the east side, is fairlyweak favourites.Recent state fair, winning streaks, the last three games at home remains strong.Drummond had 23 points and 11 rebounds, and Jackson had 23 points and eight assists, Iraq and francois had 19 points and 13 rebounds.They lead the team in the first section is established early advantage, their grip on the initiative of the game.But the game is the real challenge, the opponent is not sophisticated enough for the spurs of the west.

The piston into the seasonStep is obvious, at present with a three-game trend to return to the first eight.Della and reggie Jackson’s tacit understanding, combined with elias francois and Maurice flowering both inside and outside, the strength of the piston is improved in last season.And the former team leader Jennings also agreed to take the position of the sixth man, this will undoubtedly enhance the pistons’ bench strength.Jennings comeback soon, however, ups and downs, play against a buoyant nets to crop failures, he and Jackson can coexist will be uniform set of problems.

The spurs did well this season and quietly finished rebuilding, the team currently ranked second in the west and branch out – Leonard is MHistory of VP in the second place, they played the team the best start.Even a back-to-back, the spurs in a nearly 30 points of killing the nets, retained the fitness for the next game.Now the spurs are most concerned about is the team of perimeter scorer Danny green handle, season so far, has to find stability after him to change his shooting form.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game to recommend the spurs to 6.5 points.

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