W88.com recommended – the lakers vs. the rockets in the NBA matches

On January 18, 2016 at 10:30 the two sides are expected to start: rocket: Beverly, harden, trevor ariza, card peralta, Howard;The Los Angeles lakers: clarkson, Williams, kobe Bryant, nantes, Hilbert

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: rockets to 8.5 points.

The lakers play host to the rockets in staples.As the change of The Times zijin corps is already much transformed, Bryant seems to be on the ultimate retirement lakers era, and the season is still in the middle of a bad team, winning a game for the teamIs a kind of hope, in the west is only 9-32 bottom.And end a defeat to knight rockets five-game winning streak, has 21-20 still placed seventh in the west.

The lakers battle just in Salt Lake City and jazz after a fierce battle, it back to back, paired physical obviously suffer, as the west side at the bottom of the team, the lakers overall performance is reliable, even in the home to the lakers winning percentage is less than 3, the kobe because of the unstable injury status, the young players and the ups and downs, the team defense is lax as before, the current lakers teamAdvances are reassuringly hard, pressed against damage of the rockets, the lakers home fell fear is inevitable.

Rockets on the battle at home defeat to knight, the team win streak is terminated, anxious to use a victory to restore morale, face the east elder brother knights in battle and rockets in besides Howard other para disadvantage, especially harden the performance of this point is disappointing, team performance in both ends are great disorder, it in the face of a buoyant the chance of the rockets will find feel, from previous two against, the rockets against the lakers confidence is still high, keeping the rocket can be confirmedAfter successful game to compete with rivals.

Recommend the rockets to 8.5 points.

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