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22:05 on January 17, 2016 the two sides are expected to start: Liverpool: he lai, klein, nicolas sarkozy, Calder, alberto moreno, Henderson, Joe Allen, milner, than, phil mino, pull the rana;Manchester united: DE gea, ASHLEY young, Maureen, blinder, damian, schneider, lenny, masha, herrera, Lin lagarde, Wayne rooney,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Liverpool to 0-0.5.

Liverpool battle, although have home but stillAgainst Arsenal on lee, although with the last stoppage time tied Arsenal kept at home do not break, but recent three fronts in actis cup, fa cup and league cause a downturn of the combat effectiveness of problems exposed, at the same time, the red army recently disabled list several main suspension due to injury, I’m afraid to win this battle to face old rivals Manchester united should be.Manchester united in the battle of brave draw away by Newcastle side terminate the recent rally 2 in a row, although Louis van gaal tactics too conservative, but after Manchester united after four defeats in the near future 2 wins and two draws state also rebounded, coupled with the first leg clash at home to 3 to 1 victory over Liverpool, the team very psychological advantageObviously, this battle to visit anfield, Manchester united also has the ability to gain revenge.

Draw with Liverpool in midweek and the gunners, currently ranked ninth 31 points, but with the fourth five points behind tottenham, impact the champions league, there is still hope, to face Manchester united in recent years, the bane of the game.Team is currently the biggest problem is injuries, injury of two first-choice central defender Martin skrtel and rove, the team’s defensive quality decline obviously, midfielder joao moutinho, frontline sturridge, the bridge and the British were injured, at in the intensive schedule rotation affected by a lot of.

The Manchester unitedRound of the league is also a dramatic 3-3 draw with Newcastle, the team currently ranked sixth, but Louis van gaal’s trust crisis has still not lifted, if we lose the game, double Red Cross, he still is in danger of the class.The game was right-back Luke shaw to sit, and schweinsteiger will be on the sidelines, but people in central midfield positions are sufficient.But recent side assault team repeatedly work, this also directly to Wayne rooney came out from the depressed state, this is a big good news.

Recommend Manchester united the transferee 0-0.5 ball games.

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