W88.com recommended – the nuggets VS thunder NBA matches

On January 20, 2016, The nuggets VS thunder At 10:00 on both sides is expected to start: Thunder: Weiss brooke, robson, Kevin durant, the barca, Adams;The Denver nuggets: Moody’s, Harris, rhett, Qiao Jiji gallinari, method.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: thunder to 8.5 points.

Thunder (30-12) has won four straight, they are good, they will be a guest on 20 against the Denver nuggets (16-25).Durant and brooke to comprehensive performance driven team, thunder 5 in a row to win on the road to win.The nuggets at home to have the very strong fighting capacity, gallinari, moody’s, barton and others must strive for the home led a shock over the strong.

Nuggets in recent 4 battle of 3-1 success, obvious rebound in performance of the team fought on at home to defend the motherland the pacers, the Denver nuggets in the opponent’s fight still boom under the high points, 129 points under the team on the firePretty hard, battle, led by gallinari, the Denver nuggets on main war feel pretty good, the bench will provide strong support, can keep shooting team in more than 5 into blossom team offensive performance inside and outside, its already out of the face of the three-point banker army, pressed against the thunder is the most powerful test of the nuggets strength.

4 in a row and recently the thunder nearly 3 battle are comfortable victory, predictably good team status, the game against the heat, the thunder take charge of durant scored 24 points and 10 rebounds, and easily wiese brooke had three pairs, the team in the duo played the leadAggressive offensive performance, the team defense awareness is quite high also, eventually the team easily beat rivals, the thunder advances are guaranteed, it challenges the rest, if can keep normal level, thunder team win away completely.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended thunderbolt to 8.5 points.

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