W88 England’s premier league – Swansea VS watford

On January 19, 2016 04:00 in Swansea VS watford, The two sides are expected to start: Swansea: Fabianski, NORTON, fernandez, Williams, Taylor, linton, send agent, barrow, west goodson ayoob, paolo montero,;Watford: Gomez, nim, cathcart, ordinary del, gram, abdi, karp, valon behrami, anya kirilova appears sad, Denny, IraqHarlow.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Swansea make 0.5 ball.

The 2015/16 season in the premier league for 22nd round the last game, by Swansea in watford at home to visit.The people on both sides of the war game is the premier league table under half of the team, but the recent record is very bad, for the game are all three points are both, must have a good defense and a good ball team, will offer a great game for us.

Swan,19 points west now 21 games was ranked 18th, deep in relegation zone, but only two points from shore of Newcastle united, adjust or as long as they have the opportunity to go ashore.Team on the road is really bad, 10 league match away to get 1-3-6, the road this season contribution is too low.On the other hand is the offensive end, scored 19 goals in the league, such offensive force is difficult to win.On round league 2-4 at home loss to Thornton, suffered three defeats, the three lost nine pitches.A stay OuDeSi Swansea need excellent play goalkeeper.Fabian, have been conceding three basic season0 ball, high on the third premiership goals conceded.

Watford is promoted, now 29 points 21 liga games ranked 12th, rob points is conducive to the second half of the deployment in advance.With home and away record, on the road, a total of 15 points, home is 14 points, relatively away is fairly good results.The club’s recent record and unstable, nearly 5 3 negative 1 win 1 draw, the road better have 2 win 1 draw.On a round of league 2-0 defeat away at Southampton, just stop 2 defeats.Keeping the watford opponent Swansea watford encountered since can be said to be in the near futureThe enemy of the weakest.So the game watford is very likely to end in a row on the road.And already dumb fire three eagle harlow can again find stopping state is the key of the game.Than 2010/11 season at tottenham hotspur, now 34, gomez is welcome the second spring.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the game watford refusal under 0.5 goals wins.

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