W88 Italian cup – napoli VS inter milan

03:34 on January 20, in 2016Naples VS inter milan The two sides are expected to start: Naples: Reina, Zaire, albiol, coulibaly, ancient ram, Alan, if mourinho, ham heathcliff,, silent carstens, higuain, because the west’s;Inter milan: Hangda Norwich, Dan rossio, Miranda, his slightly, long friends on hole, medel, merlot, Ethiopia, thanAbiathar, and the Kaldi, perry sich.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: napoli to 0.5 1 ball.
At 3 in the morning Beijing time 20, Italian cup quarter final focus of a battle, in Naples home match against inter milan.This war is higuain, Kaldi both in the past two season’s serie a strongest striker wang war between the gun, and team and the most powerful attack serie a showdown between best defensive teams.

Hurricane of Naples on a roll recently, attacking football teamAcross the apennines.Naples recently all five games to keep the state, and in the five games into the total 16 goals, three goals per game average damage across Italy, perhaps the only can fight with them in the state now is the rapid rebound in Juventus.Striker higuain played a booster in the team’s recent strong role, maradona in Naples success seemed to be no one player in Naples.Currently ranked the first championship they have fully confidence in both the league and cup.

Relative to NaplesUnlimited scenery, inter’s recent form is lackluster.The team this season is not bad, at least compared with the previously had the very big margin., Thoreau was a can test two teams of the benchmarking, inter, solow’s 1-0 defeat at home, and in Naples at home, they were 3 to 1 clean struck his opponent, it can definitely show the gap between the two teams.Away in the face of Atlanta’s last round of inter, the team’s performance is very bad, if not excellent play goalkeeper hangda Norwich, they can from one point away from is unknown.

The optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended Naples to 0.5 1 ball games.

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