W88.com recommended – the lakers vs. the NBA matches the king

On January 21, 2016, at 2016The lakers VS kingThe two sides are expected to start: The Los Angeles lakers: Louis Williams, Jordan, kobe Bryant, Julius clarkson – Randall, Roy hibbert led;King: Rajon rondo, this Mr. Meckler mo, Rudy gay, Germany marcus – take an examination of hyacinth, willy – cowley – stein.

The best western sports datakeeping: the king to 6.5 points.

The strength of the lakers and Kings can’t than now, but in the years on record, the lakers still dominant.Two teams team in the history of confrontation altogether 417 times, the lakers win 268 times, the king only won 149 times.However, in the recent 10 meetings between the parties, the king made 6-4.A recent meetings between the two parties is January 7, 2016, 118-115 victory over the lakers.

The lakers a 95-112 loss to the rockets, recently suffered three losses.The whole teamFive players in double figures, including 20 point 1 backboard 1 assists, Louis Williams 16 points and 3 rebounds and assists, clarkson Randall 12 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists, while shooting, the rocket far worse than rivals, 3-point percentage and free throw percentage is even better than competitors.Rebounding Numbers are 36-51, however, the lakers lost many chances inside, leading to shooting and efficiency are reduced, a defeat naturally follow.

The king on an away win over the clippers, 103-110, recently was awarded two wins in a row.The six players in double figures, the rajon rondo 13 points7 rebounds and 10 assists, Michael kramer, 15 points and 2 rebounds 1 assists, 18 points and 7 rebounds 1 assists guy, take an examination of hyacinth 19 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists.The king on a played a efficient game, comprehensive field goal percentage of 47.4%, including 52.0% from beyond the arc, ft percentage is 75.8%.Rebounding is 46 to 52, assists Numbers is 24 to 28.Rajon rondo hyacinth + test + guy to cooperate more and more tacit understanding, seems to be against the middle and lower reaches of team, is not miss the opportunity.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game is recommendedThe king to 6.5 points.

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