W88.com recommended – rocket VS bucks the NBA matches

09:00 on January 23, , 2016The rocket VS bucksThe two sides are expected to start: The bucks: Micah wei elder brother, Middleton, adriano, parker, Monroe.Rocket: Beverly, harden peralta, trevor ariza, Jones, card.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: rockets to 2.5 points.

The rockets(22-22) has a 2 in a row, they 23, will be in the home game against the bucks (19-25).Howard because of an ankle sprain will miss, harden alone burdened leader, he try to lead the team to overcome injuries, bounce back at home feeling to win the game.Bucks already obtained three winning streak, Monroe to keep attacking in the paint, Middleton, adebayor kun and others also want to play a role, they will lead the team to win road got 4 in a row.

The rockets in recent 4 battle only 1-3 of the achievements, there are two games or losing at home, so the competitive state of bad team, the game against the pistons, Beverly and motel yunus to injury, the recent state good Howard played less than a minute only injury leave, although harden early then cut down the three pairs of data, but the rockets or the enemy but the pistons, slaying team tactics on opponents also didn’t have any restriction effect, team eventually regret lost, pressed against in-form bucks, state so bad the rockets really shoulds not be too overrated.

The bucks had three victories, recent and margin points in double, nearly two consecutive win on the road, the team at ability is not weak, Middleton, Monroe, recentlyBenedetto kunduz and hoshyar zebari parker has pretty good this several big starting general status, paired with the deepening of the game at both ends to cooperate more tacit understanding, at present the bucks is gradually maturing, the team overall state is quite good, it challenges the disabled rocket full camp, bucks if you can give full play to the advantage of young to run the offense, the team is still expected to win by speed advantage.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the game the rockets to 2.5 points.

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