Recommended daily w88NBA events – bull versus the clippers

11 December 9, the NBA the Chicago bulls versus the clippers, the two sides are expected to start: Bull: Ross, Jimmy butler, snell, m Luo Diji, pau gasol.The clippers: Paul, and riddick, model, griffin, Jordan.Rising the clippers, two games in a row of the bulls, who this game?

Recommendation: let small make up like the bulls home win 1 minute, more than 201 points.

Boat in a slow rise recently, after Paul back, the team condition improved, but the recent trading josh and Stephenson’s rumors and let the team is in the forefront, anyway, health of Paul’s boat very need.The clippers recently opened a five-game road trip, including a game 1 against the timberwolves, mainly thanks to Paul and riddick face back, thrilling 110-110 win over the clippers and the timberwolves and achieved.From Paul (14 points, five assists 5 turnovers) and riddick (13 points, 0 assists 2 turnovers) comeback after the tableNow, two people still lack of some state.

Losing streak two home encounter with the bulls, lost two strength is not the hornets and the sun, the team also slipped to 7 record at home.Ross’s status, there is still no improvement, the face also is a top point guard Paul, can stimulate the Ross state is a key point, the last rose in a clash with less, energy, the outbreak of rate team beat the thunder, who after lost more than is expected to be copied.The main points of the bull from butler (20.4 PPG), but the whole team on both ends of advantage is not obvious, they nowPresent are made of 98.8 at the same time, points are reached 98.3 points, is almost in defense offset their efforts on the offensive end.

This home let 1 minute, the two teams are fairly balanced offensively, from the point of the two sides nearly 10 meetings, the bulls to 2-8 disadvantage (2-3 road, home 0-5), but the boat’s averaged better than four points above the bulls 98 points up and down, the two teams in the past 10 matches are only playing games 2 and 3 ball, obviously the team is not the home court advantage into play, and tomorrow the first meeting between the teams this season, the bull must beTo strengthen defense at home;The clippers team return neat, only back to back.

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