Recommended daily w88NBA events – the clippers VS the nets

Surf on December 13, The clippers VS nets, the two sides are expected to start: The clippers: Paul, and riddick, model, griffin, Jordan.The nets: Johnson, rhett, Edith, bo Yang, brooke.All star striker & # 8217;White warcraft & # 8217;Blake griffin – led empty after the Los Angeles clippers away to challenge the brooklyn nets, stay tuned for die another day!

Recommend the clippers make six points wins the game.

It was two teams this season regular season first match, two teams in the past 10 meetings nine is a home win, so these two strong teams of the reliance on home.

The nets in the near future is six even at home, almost two battle in consecutive home win, the team status of recovery, after the first defeat the warriors don’t with 16 points, the second and third respectively in 5 points and nine points clear victory over the rockets and 76 people, over the past two battle the nets played the averaged 10Score of 5 points, to enhance the team, the nets assists over the last two battle more than 22 times, team offense is pay attention to team cooperation, now that the nets are a quarter have greatly improved offensively.

The clippers recent five consecutive is over three games, including their 80-83 loss at Chicago, on the team to defeat.3 in a row was terminated, and the bulls game, the clippers played a strong performance, match the clippers once close to victory, they had 16 points behind in the second half, will eventually be closer, in general, the clippers have a period of time from the past in the downturnCame out, the team is currently ranked fourth in the west and the clippers, still cannot lack Paul signs his injury has repeatedly this season, however, the current status of ups and downs, and riddick recently also are signs of repeated injury, this is not good for the team’s play.


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