Recommended daily w88NBA events – the piston versus the clippers

08:30 on December 15, The pistons vs. clippers Expected the two sides start: Piston: Drummond, reggie Jackson, marcus morris, elias francois, pop.The clippers: Griffin, Paul, small Jordan, riddick, Mr Mott.On December 15, at half past eight in the morning, the clippers will travel to Manchester piston, it will be the last leg of their trip.Be quite, please look!

the game to recommend the clippers to 1.5 points.

Match against the performance of both parties so far this season, the home side piston 14 wins and 11 losses, the clippers is 14-10.The game there is a hook is mark Pierce hit 26000 points, and now he has scored 25996 points, just four points will be the 16th flavour to break 26000 points in the history of the NBA mark player, is following the kobe Bryant, dirk nowitzki, Duncan and garnett, active fifth player do this.

The piston is black this seasonOne horse, keep a good state, in the last seven games to win 5 games, scoring in the win of the game is all broken and strength.Currently winning stable at more than 50%, ranking the eastern, 8 teams at home especially have combat effectiveness, called “killer” a little too much.On one game in the face of the pacers, piston firing again, hit 13 3-pointers, the whole team a total of 6 players in double figures.

The clippers here are five consecutive trip last stand, 3-1 before game 4, only in the face of the bulls suffered a defeat in the gradually warming.This faceAt home because of the fighting capacity of the pistons, of course the clippers is not hot, but do not underestimate the clippers combat effectiveness of the road, the clippers in the past five games played four score over the game, the clippers as long as the guarantee, shooting high score is a guarantee.

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