W88.com mahjong – Texas android download version

Texas mahjong provide mobile version for you, to meet the needs of your game anytime and anywhere, scan the qr code easy to install, open your mobile phone with small make up together to download and install the game!

Download way:

1. Scan the qr code: you can sweep the surface figure qr code, or enter the page of website phone to sweep code, download installation;

2. The computer download: you can log in website in 】 【 download area, choose Texas mahjong, downloaded to a computer, link to mobile phone after importInstallation;

3. The mobile website: you can phone login web site, m.w88983.com, select Texas mahjong installed directly to the mobile phone.

How to download: mobile site installation, for example,

1. Click on the download 【 】 Texas mahjong;

2. Click on the [sure], mobile phone background download finished, double click to install the phone’s screen;

Complete Texas mahjong mobile download and install, you can directly log in the game.

Welcome consulting 7/24 hours online customer service for more details.


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