W88 casino optimal DE w88 】 【 German bundesliga round 15, 2015-2016

Beijing time on December 05 03:30 (Saturday), is approaching 2015-2016 in the German bundesliga round, 15 below small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2015/12/5 (Saturday)03:30Schalke 04Hannover 96 2015/12/5 (Saturday) 22:30cologneaugsburg 2015/12/5 (Saturday)22:30The door is popularBayern Munich 2015/12/5 (Saturday)22:30Because of the gore Tuesdayhoffenheim 2015/12/5 (Saturday)22:30Hamburgmainz 2015/12/5 (Saturday)22:30Hertha BerlinBayer leverkusen 2015/12/6 (Sunday)01:30Wolfsburg,Borussia Dortmund 2015/12/6 (Sunday)22:30Stuttgart,Werder Bremen 2015/12/7 (Monday)00:30Frankfurtdarmstadt

Schalke 04 vs hannover 96

Schalke 04 in the near future is the dual, on round league since put on the roadDragon regrets bayer leverkusen, three points into a hand, don’t, but also to cheer the 8th position.Hannover 96 additional area just above the relegation four points, the current position is not safe, they also need to try very hard to take points away from the dangerous area.

Schalke 04 season play tepid, now 21 points 14 games was ranked eighth, record is 6-3-5.Team home and away in the league performance, almost home now 11 points, the road had 10 points, their home should be a little bit stronger.Team in the near future, both to the player’s physical ability test is larger, the round of the league in the guestA 1-1 draw against bayer leverkusen, has just won the Europa league is 1.Hannover 96 record is less, the league 14 rounds 14 points in the 14th, last season at the fringes of the relegation zone, this season is still not optimistic.Team’s recent record is less to lose to win more, nearly 5 2-3 made, road is 2 in a row.Team games spread the good news, a 4-0 victory at home because of ingolstadt Tate, ended the weakness of 3 in a row, the victory is won the victory of the most interesting season.

Home nearly 2 game 1 win 1 draw, the record is a upward trend, but on both ends are criticalShow hidden trouble.Is the visiting team avoid relegation, the role of games on the host victory, stop losing streak to boost morale.Schalke trailing is dominant, in particular, trailing at home, this still bullish on the home team to win more opportunity.

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