Recommended daily w88 casinoNBA events – thunder VS a hawk

On December 11, 9, NBA thunder VS the eagle, the two sides are expected to start: Thunder: Westbrook, durant, barca, Adams, Robertson.The eagle: Teague, warren, seve Rosa, Paul milsap, al horford.Small make up bring forward prediction for you!

Small make up like the eagle’s refusal under eight points and win.Less than 212 points.

The thunder will tomorrow in the LordAgainst the hawks, this also is the last, in the regular season first match on December 1, the eagle thunder 100-100 loss.Want to rely on their offensive in the west get thunder shocks championship, while the eagle hope their defense can help them to consolidate the position in the east.This a spear and shield against doomed exciting.

War thunder road 37 points on a firefight rout grizzly bears, the team 6 points scored in double figures also became the first of the season.Durant scored 32 points and 11 14 WeiShaoZe scored 13 points and 16 assists, thunder and other fourPlayers score reached double digits.For the thunder, the team can revenge eagles, still largely depends on durant and pair of Wisconsin brooke the duo’s performance.Durant’s two games in a row shot down two pairs of performance, in the face of an eagle, durant can maintain such efficient play for the lakers.
The hawks in the past three victories will be opponents hit ratio control under 40%, in the beat Dallas, Dallas shooting only 36%, limited to 22.6% on threes, lowest shooting eagles rivals this season.For more than at the end of the seasonA quarter of the time, the eagle team basketball and finally played her own defense force.Tomorrow in a rage, they want to win first task is to limit the thunder duo.Against the thunder team for the first time this season, Paul milsap had 26 points and 11 rebounds, and now he has are the eagles are the most threat of reckoning, he want to the thunder team defense.In addition, teague, horford, warren also want to have a better play.

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