Recommended daily w88 casinoNBA events – the spurs VS the lakers

On December 12, 10:30, the spurs VS the lakers NBA, the two sides are expected to start: The Los Angeles lakers Clarkson, Williams, kobe Bryant, nantes, siebert.The SAN Antonio spurs: Parker, green, Leonard, lamarcus aldridge, Duncan.Kobe Bryant will play in enemy ~

The recommended the lakers refusal under 14.5.

The SAN Antonio spurs in theHeart center against the lakers, it would also be Peter holy city for the last time Bryant’s career, the spurs has always been a rival, he and the lakers this time visit the holy city, also have different meaning for Bryant, if no accident, this will be his second from bottom in the visit to SAN Antonio, he naturally want to play with many years of old rival popovich, Duncan, a good farewell.

The home team to play against the raptors, over 4 in a row.The whole game, the spurs as low as 26.9% on threes (26 July), plus 17 turnovers, almost the whole team has been suppressed.The horseTeams to 57.8% shooting opponents, they never ahead in the game, and they never let opponents before the defeat of the hit ratio of more than 48.8%.The team only ginobili appear normal, but for the spurs, the loss is not too big effect, the SAN Antonio spurs still with 18-5 good record high on the west.

The visiting team play against the timberwolves, were 4 in a row.Can the game for a second show Russell, but has a different meaning, because he had a season-high 23 points, give kobe Bryant has left a deep impression.In Russell andRandall, led the lakers shot 49.5%, free throws and is rebounding advantage, eventually attempted to beat can only say that lack of good luck.It is worth mentioning, during 4 in a row, the present situation of the attack force weak still did not improve.Although lose again, but the team still show a happy side, Randall and Russell from the bench with a strong performance, two pairs of 20 + 10, Randall contribution Russell got personal high with 23 points, is also the team points, confidence after it will have a lot of ascension, for his career is a huge wealth.

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