Recommended – barca VS deportivo la coruna w88 la liga matches

23:00 on December 12, Barca VS deportivo la coruna, , enrique and victor bench for the first time the game versus who will prevail?Messi is whether two consecutive scoring the second time this season?Let’s wait and see.

Recommendation: the game deportivo la coruna refusal under three goals wins.Recommendation: the score 2:1, 2-0.

West re-scheduled week 15 rounds, Barcelona’s home game against deportivo la coruna, Barcelona in the club World Cup before the final gameOn Friday, the team for the last time before the training.Omar out through injury, moreover mathieu and roberto also injured.Similarly, deportivo la coruna array of several players injured or suspended.

Spanish giants Barcelona recently in the adjustment stage, since the cup victory over west a buoyant, have good team for two consecutive games.The Spanish league draw by valencia last week, miss widened the gap.Week and central European champions league cup they also under lead by bayer leverkusen equaliser.It is worth mentioning that the season so far, the maldives is not only the top of the la liga goals list, the team is in BarcelonaOccupy la liga goals (14) and assists (5), the opportunity to create (49), successful dribbling (52) this data list at the top of the four key offensive.It’s a pity that the star striker recently injured during training, will definitely miss the game.Barcelona narrowly target, is to make 37 points, and as a bellwether for the club World Cup.Before the Christmas holidays, the Spanish left with two rounds of competition.This means that, as long as Barcelona win tonight, it was delayed because of the club World Cup, even if the next round of red and blue can at least ranked higher than real Madrid before the Christmas holiday.

Deportivo la coruna recently entered rob orgasm, themUnstable state of last week’s home draw with sevilla, six games unbeaten in a row, the princes of ShouGong is officially from the premier league club thessaloniki Greece this summer reflux of Lucas, shimon peres, the 27-year-old right winger from Ma Jingqing training, but never play for the first-team sheets legion.The war may have a surprise visit the nou camp stadium.

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