Recommended daily w88NBA events – magic VS cavs

On December 12th 08:00, magic VS knight, the two sides are expected to start: Magic: Peyton, rich, yeah, Harris, fry and wu.Knight: Owen, incense alpert, James, joy and he gove.Small make up bring forward prediction for you!

Recommend knight make 3 points wins the game.

Magic in at 8 o ‘clock in the morning Beijing time 12 at home against the knight.Magic recent state is pretty good, in the past eight games have won 6, although the gap compared with the knight has a certain strength, but about 10 of 12 has been very good, although in the east, but also ranks seventh in the west, to be reckoned with.After five consecutive games, divided by 2 points and three points against the clippers and the sun, the remaining three games they respectively over the timberwolves, jazz and the Denver nuggets, also increased slightly, the current for the east, 9 2.5 games differ with the knight.

The cavaliers are leading the eastern conference, currently has 14 about 7, ranking list in the eastFirst, but the advantage is very small, only the second one wins.Considering their lack of the two starters, this also is pretty good record.Knights of the first world war (9.5) at home on 105-100 victory over the Portland trail blazers, obtain a winning streak, James return after being rested and scored 33 points of

10 rebounds and two pairs of data, and low, Vito Della watts and Williams also contributed 48 points for the team.Although Owen and fragrance unique pearl may, but they even play, time will also be brought under control.So, the knight can rely on most or James.Under the guidance of James knightDominant strength, knight, and experienced, but want to win on the road, it is not easy.Season so far, the knight road record only 4-6.

Nearly three seasons, knights are the bane of magic, have straight opponent 11 games, averaging a margin of 14.1 points.The last time the loss to the magic or November 24, 2012.

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