W88 poker page function is introduced

Small make up, a poker game page for you, help you easily game, for the king of the table, win a bargain money!

games for the first time, you need to set the poker game nickname, the nickname cannot be reset, can be in directly after the game for the first time.

Login successfully, the page will prompt you to set a nickname.

Log in successfully enter the homepage game function, the following figure,Page 】 【 game selection area, mainly divides into the page above the right 】 【 personal information area, below 】 【 options area.

Options, click the game icon to quickly understand the details.

【 abstract 】 : the replacement of head, retrieve password;

【 the GGP 】 : query existing level and integral;

【 GGP mall 】 : buy chips, clothing/accessories, GG currency;

【 】 the counter: account login information, deposits, withdrawals, query transaction records;

myOffer 】 : tickets, coupons for details;

【 set 】 : time, time zone, language, and the volume setting;

【 game information 】 : check the rules of the game and play;

Contact: customer service center 】 【

online customer service 24 hours a day

More preferential details welcome consultation 24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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