W88.com NBA games recommended daily – eagle vs Miami heat

09:00 on December 15, The eagle vs Expected the starting line-up, The heat: DE la ji, dwyane wade, deng, Chris bosh, whiteside.The eagle: Teague, warren, seve lothar, Paul milsap, al horford.The eagle sat on phillips arena against the heat, was to try to end of row.Small make up bring forward prediction for you!

The game recommended a hawkMake five points wins.

On November 4, the eagle on the road to a 98-92 win over the heat, they beat the heat has seven times, and in the home and even won four times, the last time the eagle at home loss to the Miami heat on February 21, 2013.The back-to-back games the heat need bosh and wade to play a more important role, they will lead the team to maintain recovery.The hawks have a 2 in a row, their ranking has dropped out of the east in the first eight, Paul milsap, al horford try to lead the team, “rebound at home, they want to try to end of row.

The eagle, the season in a row after losing to the thunder and spurs suffered 2 in a row.The two matches, the eagle did not reach the designated position, on both ends is averaging only 86.0 points, points up to 105.0 points.With a 14 about 11 at the ninth in the east, so they want to go back to the east in the first eight, you must take every game seriously.Because the east more competitive this season, the eagle pressure, difficult to last season’s strong performance, system of carol’s departure has prompted the team to get the damage, lead to the team on both ends adjustment, warren asked this season because of injuryProblem is not so stable, Flo underperformance since his comeback, they need a victory to restore confidence.Paul milsap as team leader, he must use comprehensive performance to drive the team, he will play more aggressive on the offensive end.

The heat also disappointing recently, bad record, the players play some ups and downs, it will be on the road back-to-back challenges the eagle, physical is a great problem.Although once before eastern ranked the top spot, but these days they are in trouble, before 14 home victory over the grizzlies had encountered a wave of burnley.Lost three games a total of 42 points, fell to the seventh rank from the eastern first, hotThree losses in the process of the fire, had 17, 18, 19, is one of the reasons why they lose a lot of mistakes.

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