W88.com recommended – knight vs thunder NBA matches

On December 18, 9, knight vs thunder is expected to Both the starting line-up: thunder team: wes brooke, robson, Kevin durant, the barca, Adams, the cavaliers: Vito Della tiles, Smith, lebron, joachim loew, he gove.

The game best western sports datakeeping: knight make three points.

Winning three knights will tomorrow at home.Long-unseen ZhanDu fight again.This is also to impressions on both sidesSeason regular season play for the first time, two teams during the regular season last season big 2-0 at 1, both in their own home win.With nine points to win the thunder home, James did not play because of injury, 10 points revenge back home is jazz.Thunder recent momentum is quite good, has won five straight before against the trail blazers, road is the first victory over the Memphis grizzlies, then four points won back-to-back Sir.More bizarre is that thunder lost eight games of the season, had the six games it was thanks to east side.Knight just with a return to two away games, at home to 10-1 only lost to the wizards.

So far this season, to ridePlay a stable, on the one they romped away the celtics, have won three straight again, state is preferred.Out of the downturn after streak, eastern currently ranks 1, in addition, this season due to injury a no Carey irving after playing against thunder on social media suggests that this may return to the knight’s squad, it will tend to be more complete.Lebron James in the club’s current in a row, to contribute 27.3 points and shooting 57.6%.Over the past six times against the thunder he can bomb under 33.8 PPG, 55.6% of his shots.Now the team 16-7.

Thunder side, the club’s current status is very good, they have made 6 wins in a row, and there is no doubt that durant brooke is the key of the team winning streak has state of ascension.During this wave in a row, durant averaged 25.5 points, while the 1.8 points lower than the average score of the season, but his field goal percentage of 58.4%, 112.2 offensive efficiency and even better than the 2013-14 season.But the problem is just the day before play Portland trail blazers at home, this is going to fly to the distant east Cleveland play away, physical factors to consider.

Recommend the knight make three points.The

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