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03:30 on December 19, in 2015Schalke 04 VS hoffenheimTwo teams, schalke 04 in recent four wins at home in the face of hoffenheim, score twice at least above all.They’ll still win in this?Tomorrow will reveal the answer!

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: schalke to 0.5.

The home side schalke 04Rotation in the round of league main part, as a result, the team added the augsburg foul ball winner.The current season with the last round, schalke 04 in recent six the bundesliga lost three games, a total of only five points, is the bundesliga with poor performance team recently, some is not consistent to bad record and the team.Schalke 24 points at present, in the certain in the eighth.But team offensive performance is good, the last six bundesliga, schalke 04 scoring nine goals in total.Team chief striker klaas jan huntelaar recent contribution to the three rounds of the bundesliga 1 and 2 assists and goals status is good.Gus comeback after leading the teamHome defeat to hannover 96, but this is their only victory last 7 rounds.The team as a whole are too dependent on gus, huntelaar and di santo offensive sets, most of the time way, winter break is one of the important adjustment phase, the team may be good side offensive players is a beneficial supplement.

The visitors’ hoffenheim because its bold offensive football has always been known as the team’s fans, since the country team to the bundesliga, they each season will contribute a lot of goals.Hoffenheim after in the bottom of the bundesliga table firmly, but recent form has signs, after the games 4 and 1 draw(against hertha Berlin), after losing last round finally bearing fruit.Hoffenheim round victory and won 2 games this season.Core team this summer to financial pressures, phil mino, maud and baker have been sold, and focus on new signings in place late, ability and is difficult to satisfactory, hoffenheim suddenly lose the spiritual attack, rand themselves they level international striker, but hoffenheim’s recent defense are laudable, recent six they only conceded five goals, second only to the defensive performance of cologne, bayern Munich, is one of the German very good defensive team recently.

Combined with the two teamsRecord, schalke 04 in recent four wins at home in the face of hoffenheim, score twice at least above all, recommend schalke 04 to 0.5 ball wins the game.

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