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On December 19, 2015, at 2015Warrior vs bucksThe two sides are expected to start: Warrior: Curry, Thompson, rush, green, as described.The bucks: Micah, Mayo, Middleton, parker, plum.On a road in the face of the clippers bucks insider been ringing, at this time again in the face of the warriors, the road of the deer the seed fearWho afraid of difficult to perform miracles again, and stay tuned!

The game best western sports datakeeping: warriors to 18.5.

The golden state warriors, 19, will usher in a revenge battle at home, the warriors in oracle arena, has just finished his winning streak against not long ago the bucks.Warriors on a over seven consecutive trip back home, the exhaustion of a sweeping straight away, with a strong offensive frenzy, stomp too. 128-103Yang.Hit the strongest since the injury, Thompson had 43 points, also again three pairs of drama, green warrior wasn’t affected by the winning streak end, good condition.And the bucks had defeated the warriors, but then there was bad news, the team post core injury to Monroe, return time is unknown, the bucks were huge blow.

The warriors in 24 wins this season season, their first defeat of the season is lost to the bucks away.How much the defeat this season will be a surprise, the warriors are losing at the time, really because they are too tired, because they and before the match against the bucksThe celtics played two overtime.For the warriors, the loss is not can’t accept, they cannot accept the most is the bucks player ways of celebration, especially micah wei after the end of the game dunk with eyes staring at the warriors’ bench, I remember that green and others.Last game, the warriors at home after the sun, the only 128-103, has made across 29 consecutive wins of the season, they also become after the bulls 1996-97 season, the first such record in the team.In addition, the season so far, the warriors have been home 11 in a row, from the team s season home winning streak record, only one game.

Although the bucks at home victory over the golden state warriors, but they don’t use this victory counter-attack, they in this road trip consecutive loss to the lakers and clippers.2 in a row they visit Auckland will certainly encounter the strong impact, Monroe back can also not sure, if he continue to miss, the competitiveness of the bucks inside will be discounted.Micah will care by warriors defense, Mayo, Middleton, parker, adebayor kunduz and others to strive for better performance, now that the warriors have put malicious words, the bucks need to use performance to prove their strength.The bucks in the guestField has had 11 in a row, this time they is averaging only 89 points.The grade 10 to 17.

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