W88 casino optimal DE real casino on the new page, speed the process experience

Optimal DE real casino page design has been optimized.More smooth and clear picture, take you to experience a different visual feast and is optimized with small make up take a look at page!Login immediately experience!

Nickname and head set

After entering the new real casino for the first time need to enter a nickname game, only enter once, don’t need to input when log in again!You can be set according to his be fond of, click on the red box: “input nickname” , after the input click: “Ok” Can.


Nickname must enter Numbers or letters, input after click: “Ok” Can.


Nickname must enter 4-100- characters, must not be more than characters below or restrictions.Click: “Ok” .


After input the nickname, need to choose your game face, would you please in the pop-up page five head choose a your favorite picture, click: “Ok” Can.


After set the member picture, can access to the tables for game ~ ~

The new game page

The optimized game page quality more clearly.Page functionAs shown in the figure below.

As shown in figure upper left corner table information: limit, real-time prize pool, bonus bureau history (super baccarat 98), to check the route

The top right-hand corner as shown in figure Because the query area : you can choose to view any tables’ way, way switch, because the background color to choose.

As shown in figure Betting area : betting area, you can see the betting compensation case, as shown in figure 7 sit view can show the player nickname and head.You can also manually input quickly betting amount to complete the bets.

Has set up a in betting on the right side of the pageLotus officer tip function 】 【 , click:”TIP” In “Tip amount” of , click: after you select the amount of “Confirm is ok.


The diagram below, the game result of the public is more clear, functional areaMore clear.

Dear member, we will stop 3 general baccarat smoke (commission) desktop, baccarat temporarily provide super 98.If you want to play regular baccarat (commission), suggest you can try to our new offering outstanding game hall.Best wish you good luck repeatedly, the game is happy!

If you encounter any problems in the process of game, please contact our 7/24 hours online customer service to assist you, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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