Recommended – Manchester united VS Norwich w88 premier league matches

23:00 on December 19, in 2015Manchester united VS Norwich, Manchester united in the round 1 to 2 a shock defeat at bournemouth faced two defeats all competitions last 5 3 flat 2 negative, have all competitions Manchester united, Manchester united the events can make a beautiful turnaround?We don’t know.

The game best western sports datakeeping: Manchester united 1 ball.

Manchester united in the last round 2-1 shock defeat to MAO bowenTwo defeats, in all competitions last five matches Manchester united, have 3 flat and 2 defeats.In the premier league, Manchester united fell to fourth, distance from the top of leicester city open to 6 points, three points behind the third city.In the last round away 2-1 defeat in the league championship at bournemouth, three league games without a win, slump.Obviously, the champions league for the reds against very large, coach Louis van gaal increasing pressure on her shoulder.This time against the ranking 18th deep in relegation OuDeNuo, united eager to the arrival of the victory.

Newly promoted Norwich is a mature and confidentTeam, play-offs they completely beat middlesbrough, initial stage has been sticking to the ball game in the premiership, refreshingly positive competition style., after an injury hit team form began to decline, so far only to win 3 games, road 4 in a row.Even recently removed goalkeeper Rudy, substitute goalkeeper a charmed life appearance, rudd was completely conquered the fans a few games, defender bassoons is clear most of the players in the premiership, Norwich sheet significantly reduced recently, defence confidence began to ascend.Offensively, side of Galveston, Raymond and brady is a former Manchester united playerThreatening players, plus the middle road because he han, center, Jerome return back Norwich’s power is significant.Enter the Norwich in November to counter attacking football, draw with Arsenal and everton, beat Swansea, tactical transformation results, early but on an away game state is very poor, after the defeat to watford.

Norwich and united in the premier league has a total of 14 times, with Manchester united winning 11 times, and Norwich never beat Manchester united at old trafford.This weekend in the face of Norwich, Manchester united must hope that once a one-sided historical results can give them a helping hand, in order to endBe the momentum of three consecutive premiership.

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