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09:00 on December 22, 2015, Rockets vs. hornets The two sides are expected to start: No: Cody – zeller, Marvin Williams, hairston, batum, Ken – walker.Rocket: Howard, card peralta, trevor ariza, harden, Beverly.The rockets in recent rebound, motel comeback after the team inside look brand-new, strengthen and rebounds on the offensive end has greatly promoted, pleaseFor tomorrow’s match!

The game best western sports datakeeping: rockets to 2.5 points.

The NBA regular season, the rockets in the Toyota center against the hornets.A home defeat to the clippers on two wins in a row, the team start unstoppable and establish a lead in the first quarter, the biggest advantage of 26 points in the first half, 14 rebounds, with 22 points Howard is the winning of the weight.And the hornets and falling recently state, record down, on a road by the wizards, ranking has dropped to about 7 east, the heading to HoustonChallenge the rockets, still pressure, book Howe to face his former club can pick up will be doubt.

The home team to play against the clippers, 2 in a row.Howard 22 points and 14 rebounds, harden 18 points and 11 assists.The whole game, the rockets shot 44.7% (39.5%), plus free throws and advantage of rebounding, eventually winning streaks at home.It is worth mentioning that in a downturn after a few games, post core Howard this play to the positive (72.7% + 14 rebounds), at the motel has just returned from injury and Jones’s ability is limited, if can continue the performance of warcraft, it will undoubtedly improve the team inside fire damage.Although itself against state do, harden nearly 3 games are 7.7 assists.The 14-14.The seventh in the western conference.

The visiting team play against the wizards, 2-3 nearly five games.Prison, 18 points, walker book Lin hao 15 points 7 assists, batum 14 points.The match, the hornets shooting only 41.9%, nearly 10%, lower than its rivals and wall condition, the team eventually lost it’s okay to be on the road.In my opinion, al JeffersonAbsence, largely affected the hornets inside.Especially in the offensive end, Cody – zeller, kaminski and Mr Ismail, their offensive capability and means, as Jefferson.But Jeremy recent good form a team of a big harvest.As the main points of the bench lineup, nearly five games, the game can contribute 17.6 points and 3.8 assists.

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