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09:00 on December 26, 2015, The rockets vs. the spursThe two sides are expected to start: The SAN Antonio spurs: Parker, green, Leonard, lamarcus aldridge, Duncan.Rocket: Beverly, harden, trevor ariza, card peralta, Howard.The rockets just suffered a defeat, 26, they will return to home game against the strong.The strong champions, who is the real king?Attention please!

The game best western sports recommended: the SAN Antonio spurs to seven points.

The Christmas wars is of unusual significance for the rockets, they need a stirring victory, if we can win at home to spurs, the rockets confidence boost, thus to demonstrate dominance to harden, Howard led rivalry.The spurs are currently the best team in the league, lamarcus aldridge gradually integrated into the team, Leonard give play to the role of leader, they and parker to lead the team to hit 8 wins in a row.

the rockets play loss to the magic ended three winning streak.Harden 31 points 7 assists, Howard 12 points and seven rebounds, Lawson 11 points.Although eventually with only three points, but throughout the whole performance, the performance of the rocket.Especially on 3-pointers, the 29 July, shooting as low as 24.1%!Ups and downs this season due to Howard and motel long-term injury, shelling + 3 has become a major source of scores of the rocket.Nearly five games, the team the three-point line field are 30.4 shots, but shot only 30.2%.In addition, in positional warfare, harden is almost scoredA burden, this to his strength and status are the serious test.Face the old and grow stronger, integrity and tactical execution which spurs, in small make up point of view, the rockets to win the ball, running state of good is the premise, on this basis, the team must be to reduce errors and improve the 3-point percentage.With 15-15 currently seventh in the western conference.

The spurs game, win over Minnesota had 7 wins in a row, the 25-5 second place in the western conference.Play Leonard 19 points and 6 rebounds, parker scored 14 points and 12 points and eight rebounds.Shooting up to the match, the spurs53.7% (3 41.7%), plus rebounds and assists advantages, easily away no suspense.This season, due to the adaptation of the new signings and the decline of the green state, the spurs offense was not at their best, but in the defensive end, lost just 88.8 points the efficiency is high on the top of the league.In addition, tactical execution, depth, and the incomparable tacit understanding between the players, are the spurs with past rival the largest capital.The face of the rocket, gregg popovich is likely to make harden, Leonard once harden is limited, the probability of the spurs to winOne step further.

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