Recommended – indiana pacers VS w88NBA matches the eagle

On December 29, 2015 08:00.The game is the first time the two teams this season regular season, the pacers last season swept by the hawks in the regular season, meet again in the game, the pacers are still no confidence to shoot down the eagle.

The game best western sports datakeeping: pacers make two points.

The pacers doing well this season, currently in 17 games 12 fifth in the east of the NBA, but a recent decline in the performance of the team, after encountering burnley on a scene of strength is not strong the timberwolves, big ratioBeat his opponent, who face strength, state well the hawks, the pacers wanted to defend the home really not easy.

Home of the walker’s victory in the last round of the regular season the wolves had stopped in a row, back home they would hope to achieve in a row, a good home record this season the pacers, 7-2 achievements, 4-1 in five games, Paul George in the last round of returned to handle, he scored 18 points, after have been dull Ellis scored 22 points, it is worth rejoicing, in the case of myers injury, the team bench budinger and Jordan – hill showShows good efficiency score, there are statistically, the pacers at both ends are stable, but their weak inside keep coach vogel, who face inside the twin towers of the eagle, they will face a huge pressure to defense, past 5 times in the face of the eagle team only 1-4 of the achievements, recent opponents momentum fierce, home of the pacers will face severe challenges.

Road hawk recently became the most fierce momentum of eastern team, they have had 6 wins in a row and secure the east second, the whole team offensive is very efficient, though no absolute star players, butAnd inside the twin towers horford, Paul milsap scoring ability is very strong, as a substitute to also have outstanding striker such as Bates Moore and warren, both inside and outside combination made the hawks today’s achievement, the eagle away this season 4-5, nearly two scenes of Celtic and magic both eastern team a victory, the pacers at home is very difficult, but the defensive weakness, past four times in the face of the home, the eagle has achieved very good results, and the eagle this wave of six straight wins averaged more than 106 points, from inside the strength for the eagle to the pacers, the eagle is opportunity to beat the home team continue the game victory.

Recommend the hawk refusal under 2 points wins.

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