W88.com recommended – Arsenal v Manchester city the premier league matches

04:00 in December 22, , 2015Arsenal v Manchester city in Manchester city are in failure state in recent decades against Arsenal, they can attack the game?Worth to watch a game, look forward to action tomorrow morning!

Let the game best western sports datakeeping: Arsenal 0.5 ball.

There is one thing in the past 40 years, has been plagued by Manchester city that’s Arsenal.This weekend, pelleIn the team and challenge the gunners will travel to London, the game is also related to the championship the situation from both sides.Will be clockwise dial back in October 1975, when Rodney – marsh’s header to help Manchester city at highbury stadium a 3-2 victory over Arsenal.How special this game?In the 40 years since then, Manchester city 30 times in the league against Arsenal won game 1, only 19 left empty-handed.

Arsenal on the battle at 2 balls win vice President villa, recently had three victories, in-form team and the champions league away 3-0 beat olympiakos into 16 of the champions league, ArsenalA recent attack is invincible, and Arsenal this season at home defensive ability is outstanding, 7 rounds of league home backline conceding only 1 way too tight, the battle against major team Manchester city, Arsenal have a home of or slightly ahead.

Manchester city on battle with yaya toure dead before face thrilling victory over Swansea, nearly 5 foot 4 wins game Manchester city, but the recent Manchester city road play bad, almost five away fixtures only take 1 wins, including 1 four ball did not enter, for Manchester city reputation damage strong at power shortage has become an urgent problem.
This round of leicester,City road 3-2 win over everton, played a game more blue fox has been leading the standings of the Arsenal five points, six points ahead of Manchester city.War of the Arsenal man city will compete in the second place, see who can bite.Because Arsenal and Manchester city’s integral bite very tight, if Arsenal match wins, will be able to continue in the championship off Manchester city after blue fox, on the contrary if Arsenal lose, Manchester city will be overhauling Arsenal 2 points in the second, while Arsenal will be and the widening gap between the top of the list to 5 points.Two team coach said before the game this will be worth 6 points.

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