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On December 22, 2015, at 2015The clippers VS thunder The two sides are expected to start: The clippers: Paul, small riddick, mulder, griffin, Jordan.Thunder: Russell westbrook, Robertson, Kevin durant, the barca, Adams.The clippers this season is not stable, but these days they have slowly recovered, they can break through?

The gameOptimal DE western sports datakeeping: thunder to 1.5 points.

The NBA regular season continued, Los Angeles clippers will be at home against the Oklahoma city thunder.The clippers currently ranked fourth in the west and lags behind that of the warrior, spurs and thunder, but this season’s clash with the three teams they record 0-1 negative (two loss to the warriors, one loss to the spurs), the three games they let opponent throws 3-point percentage of 49.3%.The clippers after a loss to Houston on encountered two defeats, but they only lose 1 over the past six home games.Thunder on a 40 victory over the lakers, this is theirOver the past eight games in 7 games.Thunder can averaging more than rivals this season more than 8 rebounds, it ranked first in the league, and the clippers is averaging 4.8 rebounds less than rivals, league ranked fourth.

The clippers this season is not stable, but these days they have slowly recovered, the team has got a wave of 3 in a row, especially they have good performance on the road.Last six road, clippers win 5 games.Paul and riddick showed good state in the match, the two of them have to get rid of the previous injury troubles, they will perform better on the road.Riddick nearly 5 games are 20. 6 points, 54.8% of the 3-point percentage, Paul over the past six games and is averaging 15.5 points and 15.5 assists.But have encountered 2 in a row.They first (+ 7.5) 107-115 loss to the spurs, and then again in 97-107 loss to the rockets, the team for two consecutive defeat.After losing streak, the clippers with a drag on, now 16-12.

Thunder now with 18 about 9 sit third in the west and they in 4.5 games behind the spurs 2 at the same time, 4 2.5 games the clippers, leading the team in the first world war (15.5) at home118-78 victory over the lakers, at the same time.This season due to the return of durant, back to the west’s elite with durant averaged 27.2 points and 7.7 rebounds and 4.2 assists, and the other core weiss brooke is averaging 25.6 points and 7.1 rebounds and 9.5 assists, two little it is triple substitutions of thunder.The grade 18-9.

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