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08:00 on December 23, , 2015The grizzlies VS76 menThe two sides are expected to start: Memphis grizzlies: Conley lee Barnes green small gasol.76:76Marshall Kennan corwin Noel emeka okafor.The strong, overwhelming, who can give me a fatal blow to the other party?And small make up take a look at events forward ~

It has superior DE westSports starting grids, the grizzlies to 9.5 points.

76 people in wachovia centre court against strong grizzly bears.Remain in rebuilding mode of 76 lackluster record this season, they all 18 games before the start of the season, very not easy to catch the lakers win a victory at home to put an end to 18 in a row, after that they had suffered another wave of 10 in a row.Now they record is 1-28 negative, if the loss to Memphis, 30 games record before they will freeze in 1-29, 30 games before opening a single season record the worst record in the record.76 people with the season had a grizzly bearMeetings, at that time, although they lead, but in the end stage of collapse in 84-92 loss to rival, hopefully 76 people suffer from the grizzlies a double play.

Current status is very low, 76 people have 10 in a row, row at the bottom in the east.On a road to a 86-108 by knight, only in the starting lineup el a players in double figures, had 15 points and 12 rebounds, while on the rebound than knight more than 9, 76 people inside play a confrontational, but helpless except one Noel, other players are inferior, 76 people in the face of jg huang, joachim loew, Owen led knight defense thinWeak, far short in assists, three classification data, the current 1-29.

Grizzlies now with 15-14 is the sixth in the west, in December, the grizzlies made about 5 6, recently always a winning a situational, erratic performance.In a home with a 96-84 victory over the pacers, three quarters fought pitched against indiana, finally in the fourth quarter will be open, single section win 8 points, struggling to win the battle.Conley won a team-high 20 points and eight rebounds, played very well, small gasol scored 19 points and 12 rebounds in the two bottomAccording to the case for the lies in Jordan hill against;The cauldron met a wise man wins, slowly but surely, the grizzlies less than the pacers eight turnovers, this also is the key to decide competition.

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