Recommended – Manchester united VS Chelsea w88 premier league matches

01:30 December 29, 2015, the two sides are expected to start: Manchester united: DE gea, ASHLEY young, phil Jones, Maureen, blinder, schneider, bastian schweinsteiger, mata, Lin herrera, masha, Wayne rooney;Chelsea: Kurt tuva, ivanovic, Gary cahill, Jacob zuma, aspen leather quetta, mikel, matic, William, cesc fabregas, pedro, remy. “

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Manchester united draw plate.

Beijing time 12At 1 month 29, 30, 2015-16 19th season in the premier league rounds, Manchester united against Chelsea at old trafford.Louis van gaal’s shadow united class was over, they need turnaround victory.The same Chelsea are also trying to get rid of the relegation zone, and two giants meet, game worthy of attention.

Manchester united have seven games official game winless, four games recently is losing streak, even if only count the league and 3 in a row.This year on April 19 to May 3, Manchester united has experienced 3 in a row, then Louis van gaal job stability.After rectified, Louis van gaal through another league 3 in a row,But this time, his job is at stake.And Manchester united last season is game 4 in a row to October – November 1961, distance has 54 years now.After lose the boxing day game, Louis van gaal led the winning percentage fall further, now has been reduced to 50% (72-19-17 36), even moyes, led the winning percentage is 52.9%.

Chelsea after the change is not big, but the wheel brace diego – costa, rediscovered the state DC emperor of the last two goals or January 17, in this year’s Chelsea away 5-0Crazy victory over Swansea, but unfortunately, costa will by accumulated 5 red card suspension, had to miss the key battle.In addition to costa, Chelsea now also could not find any decent striker, azar in the league is still not yet broken.In addition to the front, the blues defence is still difficult to reassuring, right-back branislav ivanovic and lower back matic still drifting, how much their defensive problems related to personal ability, ivanovic because sports ability drop side many times in the season, while matic always appears slow pace, the defence of the problem is not solved, the blues’ performance is hard to get promoted.

Recommend Manchester united draw the game disc.

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