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Surf on December 26, , 2015Warriors VS cavs The two sides are expected to start: The cavaliers: Irvine, Smith, lebron, joachim loew, he gove.The warriors: Curry, Thompson, rush, green, as described.Warriors and knights are ahead of the east and west, they will repeat last season’s finals showdown on Christmas campaign, and stay tuned for action tomorrow morning!

The the game best western sports datakeeping: warriors to seven points.

This season season strong warriors to continue good play, curry, Thompson and green to lead the team to win, they will hit 14 in a row at home.The cavaliers in the irvine’s return to power, lebron condition is good, he and low pressure to give warriors, restored to health the cavaliers hopes for vengeance of the NBA finals defeat.

Warriors don’t need to say more, with the best record in this season, start 24 wins in a row, on a jazz have won three straight again, after, the only state, 27 – only 1 in the top league.But there have been some internal injury problems, Barnes still remains in the recovering stage, basic determine the game absence, and Andrew bogut a wire back.Remove spray brothers and strong, green teams such as the barbosa, livingston substitute performing is the key.Although the warriors lead the league, small, but the team center back inside barrier effect also cannot be ignored, and cast in this season as well, this is the game against the cavaliers team inside the capital, warriors on both ends are leading the league this season, is the biggest win of the seasonHot.

On the cavaliers recent status, as well a tallied the knicks had six consecutive wins, 19-7 ranked first in the east.Owen, incense potter all back, knight squad is complete, morale.The game team backup guard mo Williams also return to the team, the team overall health for the first time this season.Recent team leader James condition is good, low has also performed well, and as such as Jefferson reinforcements, the cavaliers strength actually far exceeds the final period.This season, the cavaliers defensive efficiency high, averaging only allowed more than the spurs and the heat, but the team’s starting point guard Michael Owen fit and doubtAsk, this may not be able to play a role of maximum.

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