W88.com recommended – Manchester city the premier league matches v sunderland

V sunderland on December 26, 2015 at 23:00 Manchester city the premier league is about to open the devil boxing day schedule, the next month, Manchester city will play six games of this a few games for Manchester city is very important.Schedule this weekend, Manchester city will have the devil first opponent sunderland, her work I hope the team can win at home, have a good start.Wish Manchester city play good grades!

The game western sports datakeeping: Manchester city for 2 balls.

Boxing day NBA schedule open,Manchester city for three points: the wheels on the road 2-1 defeat to title rivals Arsenal, Manchester city have six points behind the top of the leicester city.

Sunderland to survive: hard last round 1-3 defeat to Chelsea on the road, losing streak three rounds of sunderland, black cat only 12 points standings in the penultimate, five points gap distance out of the relegation zone.Boxing day is extremely important to the devil race against sunderland, the next six games, sunderland respectively with Manchester city, Liverpool and aston villa, Swansea, spurs and bournemouth, black cats are each game must be played as a cup final.

Her work before the confirmed,Kompany, saba tower and fernando are returned to training, the current city team only nasri a fine.Not surprisingly, kompany at the weekend league with the pylon di partner of arc, the hole teams battle missing eight games due to injury, Manchester city lost four of them.Sunderland, Kabul, catmull and larson, he is suspended, Pan Dili and Adam Johnson will play old master.
On a Manchester city 2-1 fail at north London, has just returned from injury of aguero mediocre not even on the pitch with a decent shot, but of the dissatisfaction to substitute boniTo replace it.After a week of adjustment and training, aguero competitive state when began to recover, he need to come out with convincing performance to prove their main center position.

Both sides history between 138 games, Manchester city, 64-25-49 dominant, conceding 240 goals in 202.In recent three league clash, Manchester city 2 win 1 draw unbeaten.Sunderland last beat Manchester city in November 2013.At home to Manchester city last black cats in January 1998.

The two sides are expected to start:
Manchester city: hart, sagna, MrPylon di, kompany, cora rove, fernand dinho and yaya toure, sterling, DE brow, silva, aguero in
Sunderland: Pan Dili, Billy – Jones, coates, o ‘shea, Fan An holt, mu villa, gomez, Adam Johnson, the wareing, bo in jermain Defoe,

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