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At 10:00 on December 29, 2015, the two sides are expected to start: knight: he gove, love, James, J.R. Smith, Owen;The sun: Roy, Ryan, tucker, booker, knight.Please look ~ ~

The game best western sports datakeeping: knight to 8.5 points.

The NBA regular season, the sun in phoenix to play knight.Lose two games, Christmas wars negative enemy warriors, butchered by the blazers next.Knight’s recent offensive bad state, has three consecutive thanGame shooting fails to reach 40%, this is the first time since January 2014.Knights wanted to stop losing streak, must improve the quality of attack, the sun to provide them with the rebound opportunities.The sun lost this season, averaging 105.4 points, is no. 4 points, the recent wave of 28-15 have two 110 + points.

Sun have encountered 4 in a row, the battle is 1 during military defeat at home to 76 people, the team condition is really bad, the league game against power of the weak, 76 people, the sun and the rebound failed to seize opportunities, the opposite team from the start then show lightly mentality,The sun has lost the first 14 points, although after struggling to pursue, but ultimately unable to fill in the pit, the battle lost core bly cable and wounded at the same time, it play its doubtful, another Lord Ma Jifu – is also likely to miss morris. So the residual of the sun it will not withstand strong fire from the east elder brother.

Knight nearly two battle in successive away defeat, the team needed a victory to restore morale, after Christmas wars lost to enemy warriors, the battle against the back-to-back crazy tu knight is a buoyant pioneers of 29 points, such loss is definitely not the knight power truly reflected, trusted by physical pressure on the knightOff to a bad start, the team just after half-time early game, this is also the main reason for the defeat, it after recuperation, knight paired fitness has fully recovered, Owen will be turning out again, fighting force in the knight’s trip win victory great opportunity.

Recommend the knight to 8.5 points wins the game.

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