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Optimal DE now three sports betting platform, let you have more options bets of space, the most humane sports betting.Small make up today make bets on sports rookies elite, someone who comported himself to share up to

Optimal DE provide four sports betting platform are: optimal DE sports 】 【 SBO platform, Oriental, western sports IBC platform 】 【 】 【 GPI platform.

Common dish

Disc – HK * Hong Kong
* Europe plate – DEC (decimal)
* the Malay dish – MY
Disc – IND * Indonesia
* the plate – US (percentage shows)
* pointsNumber plate

In western sports (European version), for example, in betting on the top page after page has dish names, according to the mouse to float nabla area (pictured) can look at other positions.

Dish of winning or losing the how to calculate the

Hong Kong plate and the plate is not negative water dish, between them is + 1Relationship, in fact, the package does not include the principal difference between.

Malay dish lose less win more, print, set to lose to win more and more both have positive and negative water dish.

Malay disc/Indonesia plate is water plate and plate in Hong Kong, negative water dish is to use 1 divided by negative water The absolute value is Hong Kong.Malay dish with Indonesia dish the odds of plus or minus is the opposite.

The disk using the odds are percentage integer show.Is water plate is 100 xHong Kong plate, negative water plate is 100 xIndonesia.

Is water dish the odds are at winning the principalAnd negative odds are principal winning odds.(winning odds: principal, XDid not contain the odds of principal)

Positions are available for the ball, size, single and double, other betting types are defaults to the disk.

Betting type

* let the ball size * * full & amp;Half 1. Time 2. Single and double 3. Total goal 4. The first/last scoring

* half & amp;The * hybrid pass * superior champion in

Basic bets on page

(western sports)

more positions

1. The two sides/party/not both scored
2. The total score
double opportunities4. The winning team in
5. Three points in
6. Clean sheet
clean sheet the victorSingle and double
8. A single team9. Corner

(optimal DE sports),

Common betting type

* let the ball/points (HDP) : Is presumed to score in advance to one side, on the basis of winning or losing predict the final result.
* size (O/U) : Refers to the teams goals, open the numerical prediction is greater than or less than what dish.
* 0.25 & gt;& gt;0-0.5 ≫& gt;Two kinds of circumstances, if the final result is to let the ball 0 _;If the ball is 0.5 final results for _
* 1 x2:Usually 1 (Home) XAnd (Draw) 2 (Away) in
* full & amp;Half
1. Time (correct Score) 5-0 up / 0 to 5 up net more than five goals in
2.Single and double (Odd/Even) dual containing 0
3. The Total score (Total Goal) (the range 0 to 1, 2-3; 4-6; more than 7),
4. The first/last scoring
* half & amp;Full (HT& FT) in
* hybrid pass (Mix Parlay) Is different in race 3, at least five major league (serie a premiership la liga bundesliga ligue 1) and other large eventsXu 2 series of games.
* superior champion (Outright)

more positions

* both sides/party/both don’t score of
* double opportunities: The final result is selected is the winner of any.
* winning teams: Host (Draw back the principal)
* three points: Let the ball plate + 1 x2
* clean sheet: The goalkeeper zero error of zero error, each other without a goal.
* clean sheet the victor

common sports

* football: 10 players and two parties 1 goalkeeper, a total of 11 people.In each half 45 minutes stoppage time, overtime (the party advanced the ball is the winner), a penalty (5 times), sudden death,

* basketball: A team of five people, including a captain, were substitute up to seven people, but can increase the number of according to the organizer.Game points (section 4), before the second half, each half of the 20 minutes, break for 10 minutes.The end of the game the two teams score the same, the extended during 5 minutes, if the score is still the same in five minutes, was again come inLine overtime for 5 minutes, until than out of it.The NBA is 12 minutes every day.Three out of five sets, single bureau 12 minutes, 5 minutes


* best practice: 1-75 goals, real-time video will play in the video of machine draw three balls.Bets before the game: the first or the last ball, single and double the size of the final three balls and single and double, of the total champion (Warrior) is the second and the third ball, number of the most high win (1, 75 the highest).Game bet: the next single and double/height/size, the next oneCombination (three choose two)

* tennis: Win/let alone/size/double /
innings winnersThe International Tennis Federation ITF (International “Tennis” Federation)
Four Grand Slam tennis (Grand Slam) Australian open U.S. open British wimbledon tennis championships
French openATP (Association of professional Tennis federation “Tennis” Professionals)
WAT the international Women’s Tennis Association (” Women & # 8217; s “Tennis” Association,
The scoring format: branch of plate;Three out of five sets match & amp;Three two wins;
40 points (15/30 / / AD)
Agency (2 points wins a game; each dish, a total of six innings; first)
Plate (first 6 innings wins a plate; each five innings, a margin for out of 2 sets a plate).

* baseball: Win/let alone/big ballSmall
Formal baseball per nine innings, every game points up and down two and a half games.
Two teams, each team have nine people, the two teams alternating possessions.Attack teams at home plate, in turn, with great team keep the pitcher to hit the ball, and the opportunity to run, can, in turn, stepped over 1, 2, 3, and safe return to home plate to those who live in a minute.

* hockey: Let the ball/size of
During 60 minutes, divided into three innings, recorded for the full 20 minutes, 15 minutes rest between innings.Each team every 20 players, game players of six, including 1 goalkeeper.

* racing: The win/location


* early: Tomorrow and future events, open positions in advance.
* today: Today’s game, generally show to 12 noon the next day before kick-off.
The * ball: The ongoing competition.

* instant video:
horse racing, dog racing, best practice* ball information & amp;My favorite & amp;The weekend is one more function in accordance with the time display positions.
* update: Bulletin board, a cancellation or change, single injection delay sending information such as color or cancel.
The * “+ all dish” or “- the main dish”
* just show “time by” or “ordinary sort” (the default is a YiBingDing or large events on)
* page just show according to the single dish or double dish
* the profit forecast figure & amp;Statistical information,
* betting history (Joan) : page left show simple betting information
* complete: Display outstanding note all complete information of
* accounts: Show all note sheet information, (can check record of 18 months),
* balance & amp;Result

Ball information & amp;Statistical information,

How to spend and note, a

Western sports European version

* The total score big small dish
* The next five minutes /
* A double color (like “half full”)
* goals (like “total score”)
* Betting mix fast pass

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