W88, sports is launched

Optimal DE sports made landfall, choose sports platform and authority, the ancestors of the strength strong lee kee (SBO) platform.Bets on sports game real casino, mini slot machines at the same time.Optimal DE W88 now three sports platform, let you have more options bets of space, the most humane sports betting!Below small make up for you a simple introduce optimal DE sports advantage and page functionality.

Optimal DE sports: You can through the “transfer” step at the top right of the page to quickly transfer.Devote pages to the leftEvents, betting way screening area, on the right side of the specific events betting area.

Page clear fluid, take you enjoy different visual perception.

[page functional]

Betting record: Details see the betting (not settlement on single/note sheet/odds betting has settlement amount/state),

account: Accounts (balance/total bet/commissions/running total)

Preferences: Preferences & amp;Custom sports sort (set preferences of dish type/default/page betting the amount automatically refresh odds/default/space/time/events/prompt)

Announcement: According to the official website related event information and change in the positions betting bulletin

Sports results: View the event score results

just pages 】 【

My favorite: Click event or league before the star icon is added to the “my favorite”.In the list to view “my favorite” add event information.

Betting options bar


Pass: The mixed pass, display can be mixed with events of

23 points before : 23 points before/after 23 o ‘clock /

all event information

: All positions /

main dish

: Popular sort/time sorting

: Single single dish/double doubleRow of position

: Dish choices: the Malay plates/Hong Kong/European plate of

: Closed change cry

bets on events

Choose the league: Click to select league, all league information appear.Can choose your favorite league, click on the league name in front of the hook, and then click on the yellow box: to continue, you just choose the league information page.

discMouth shows

Ball: The ongoing events, also known as the walk.

Today’s events: Today all of the events.

Morning: Upcoming events in the future.

All single and double & amp;The total score: Single and double is predict individual game or series of total score/total goal of the gameNumber is odd number (number or dual) to settle, such as the score 0-0 dual.The total goal is to predict the total goal values.

1 x2 & amp;Double opportunities: 1 the & # 215;2 is available in the home team to win, draw or the visiting team to win.Double opportunities and 1 x2 similar, different can be picked out two possibilities from three options: the home team wins or the visitors win, draw or the visitors win, draw or home win.

Full & amp;Half time: Full & a.Mp;Half-court, betting the half and the result of the game.Time – the first half & amp;The first half, predict correctly match or score.Predicting the match result right or score.

Score of the first/last score: the whole matches the home team or the visiting team, which team scored the first, which team final score.

Mixed pass: Mixed pass is a combination of a variety of different sport or game options bets.A hybrid pass bets are not allowed to match the sameThe different options in the sport or game, because the result of a game will affect the collocation of other options.

Winning titles: Superior champion betting is to select the championships, the winner of the competition, the league or events.

Mainly betting area:

Small make up choice for today’s competition, ball betting color area, labeled league orange column names, 0-0 represent two team score in the game at this time, 1 h 6 ’6 minutes in the first half.


Optimal sports: authoritative platform, competition, high water level, every day thousands of games meet your needs all kinds of bets.You only need to check the betting page SBO platform features.

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