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SAN jose, VSInk America

7In ,15Day 10Point 30Points in SAN jose, adjust the opportunity will come, the earthquake with the guinness international champions league over Mexican side club America belongs to a friendly nature.However, in order to ensure the team into shape, boss kinnear could send more players, and he values a bench player.Based on the recent situation of America Mexico commonly known fact, SAN jose earthquakes maybe can borrow at home with the benefit of it.

Mexico’s fall league last season, Mexican American stop 8 Strong, but harvest in this season in the champions league in North America.Since the year 5In later, Mexican American has always been in a truce, now in preparation for the summer, in the guinness book of international in the uefa champions league opener, Mexican American 1-2.Loss to the Los Angeles galaxy, Mexico America will now in 2 Games against SAN jose earthquakes, in terms of the overall strength, the americas, Mexico but Mexico America’s problem is that many who can’t go out with the team and Paul, The & # 8211;Mr Aguilar, alvarado, peralta, leave for the north central us cup, and had taken part in the copa America pabloThe & # 8211;Mr Aguilar and ex-roma defender walter Samuel are dior, Martin, ancient Egypt mace and others are still on vacation, in addition, the players on the new coach of eminem brize coaching styles are still adjustment period, thus Mexican American exist the possibility of losing streak.

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