W88 casino optimal DE w88 】 【 2015-2016 NBA season regular season schedule in October

Beijing standard time on October 28, 2015 (Wednesday) 08:00, will usher in the new season in the NBA regular season 2015-2015.Kobe Bryant and Kevin durant’s return from injury for the two superstars will be opened for 2015-16, below small make up take you preview event arrangement in advance.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2015/10/28 (Wednesday)08:00The eagleThe piston 2015/10/28 (Wednesday)08:00The bullThe knight 2015/10/28 (Wednesday)At 10:30The warriorsThe pelican 2015/10/29 (Thursday)07:00The magicThe wizards 2015/10/29 (Thursday)07:30The celtics76 people 2015/ 10/29 (Thursday)07:30The netsThe bull 2015/10/29 (Thursday)07:30The pistonSir 2015/10/29 (Thursday)07:30The heatThe hornets 2015/10/29 (Thursday)07:30The raptorsThe pacers 2015/10/29 (Thursday)08:00The rocketsThe Denver nuggets
2015/10/29 (Thursday)08:00The Memphis grizzliesThe knight 2015/10/29 (Thursday)08:00The bucksThe knicks 2015/10/29 (Thursday)08:00The thunderThe SAN Antonio spurs 2015/10/29 (Thursday)11 a.m.The sunThe Dallas mavericks 2015/10/29 (Thursday)10:00The blazersThe pelican 2015/10/29 (Thursday)11 a.m.The kingThe clippers 2015/10/29 (Thursday)11 a.m.The lakers’The timberwolves 2015/10/30 (Friday)07:00The pacersThe Memphis grizzlies 2015/10/30 (Friday)08:00The knicksThe eagle 2015/10 /30 (Friday)At 10:30The clippersThe Dallas mavericks 2015/10/31 (Saturday)07:00The knightThe heat 2015/10/31 (Saturday)07:00The magicThe thunder 2015/10/31 (Saturday)07:0076 peopleSir 2015/10/31 (Saturday)07:30The celticsThe raptors 2015/10/31 (Saturday)07:30The pistonThe bull 2015/10/31 (Saturday)08:00The eagleThe hornets 2015/10/31 (Saturday)08:00The bucksThe wizards 2015/10/31 (Saturday)08:30The SAN Antonio spursThe nets 2015/10/31 (Saturday)09:00The Denver nuggetsThe timberwolves 2015/10/31 (Saturday)09:30The rocketsThe warriors 2015/10/31 (Saturday)11 a.m.The kingThe lakers’ 2015/10/31 (Saturday)At 10:30The sunThe blazers


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