W88 casino Andy client (PT) to download a new version of the client

In order to offer you a better game experience and service, now Andy club has been updated.Please uninstall the old client, login to the game’s official website to download and install the new version!


Below small make up take you together for unloading the client to install the new client the whole process of ~

1. First of all, would you please open your computer desktop, click on “start” – “all programs” – “control panel”.The diagram below:


2. Enter the page of “control panel”, click “program”.The diagram below:

3. Enter the “program” page, select the PT client folders, mouse the left key double-click two times.(after successful choice, the page will have the file below for details) as follows:

4. Click on the client folder, page pops up to determine the uninstall tip.Please click “yes”.The diagram below:

5. Sure, after the “uninstall” page will display “uninstall complete”.When the progress are all “green”, then “close” window. The following figure:

6. After completion of unloading, input the website login website homepage, move the mouse to the “download” area on the left side of the page, find the “golden club” computer download version.The diagram below:

7. Click on the “golden club” computer after download version, in the pop-up window click on the “download” page.The diagram below:

After 8. Select “download” immediately, a page will pop up to determine the operation hints, please click “run”.The diagram below:

9. After “run” software, need to select the client language, please select “simplified Chinese”, click on: “ok”.The diagram below:

After 10. Select the client language, page will pop up the progress of the “download”, needs to wait for the progress of the “green” display complete.The diagram below:

11. Progress after completion of all shows, download success.The client page pops up input “user name” and “password”, when they log on to the client, please in front of the user name “W88 “. The following figure:

Andy: club real casino + slot machines

You can through the website page [Download section 】 to download.Or through in The real casino 】 Download.Floating slot machines or the mouse[Andy club] Download immediately.Install the game easy after the download is complete.

“The strong> if above, you can download from the website of three locations for way, also can be directly click on the download the PT client computer 】 【 convenient to download.

The mobile client (+ real casino slot machines) 】

Uninstall the client

1. Find 【 set 】 in your mobile page, click on select [application manager].

2. As shown in the figure below to find Andy slot machines and reality offering mobile phone client.


3. The diagram below, click on the receiving confirmation.The page you will be prompted to uninstall successfully.

Install the client

1. Go to m.w88983.com, enter the page of mobile phones, choose Andy slot machines or mirage real casino, click on the download, click for more details how to download the optimal DE W88 android client) can be read.


Optimal DE W88, I wish you a happy game on its web site, good luck ~

In the process of operation, if you have any questions, you can consult our online customer service at any time, thank you.

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