W88 casino unionpay online payment process

Most convenient and simple method of payment, China unionpay is the escort you, optimal DE W88, is the first cooperation with unionpay gaming companies, leading industry the most front-end!Small make up details of the operation process unionpay to pay for you.

First of all, please log in optimal DE W88 account, as shown in figure, click on the “money management” for deposit.

Enter the “money management” page, click on “deposit”, select “unionpay online payment” in the way, as the chart, you can manually enter your deposit amount in the right side of the page.


Unionpay online payment limit is 50 yuan to 50000 yuan, your daily allowance is 1 million yuan.Please enter the amount of allowance.

“” unionpay CARDS using the operating steps of for the first time

Below for after the jump “unionpay online payment” page, you click on the “unionpay card payment”, enter your card number, and click “next”.Unionpay online payment of deposit only supports a cash card.

Page jumpThe following figure, you click on the “I have reserved”, If you don’t have a reserve or already reserved phone number can’t use, would you please go to counter to add or modify bank branches.

Used for the first time you need as shown in the figure below click 【 】 please click install controls, please according to the operation of the unionpay prompted to install.

Installed, you need to restart the browser to operate.

Use the unionpay card to pay for the first time, please fill in your personal information, then use the card againNeed to fill out.

As shown in figure, you can at the top left corner of the page to verify the amount of deposit, after fill in the personal information, click on the “open and payment” top-up for the first time to complete.Instant to account, without waiting for.

Congratulations on your deposit success!

“” unionpay CARDS using the operating steps () for the first time

The following figure for the first time after the deposit, your deposit direct input the card number, click next to continue the operation.

The jump pageAfter surface, type your text messages to the authentication code, the mouse click on the “confirm payment” deposit is completed, instant to account, without waiting for.

Congratulations on your deposit success!

“, “e-currency payment way

In “unionpay online payment” jump to the main page, select “e-currency payment”, choose the bank you use, you can be identified as shown in figure click [others], more Banks will be displayed.

To provide you with more bank below, with more than 72 e-currency payment by bank.

Certain after a deposit, as the chart, to industrial and commercial bank of deposit as an example to show you.

Select [icbc] deposit, click [to the bank on the net pay].

The page will jump to the bank’s payment page for you, you pay can be on the basis of online banking operations.

If you use a question,Please get in touch with 24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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