W88.com revealed must accumulate jackpot prize winners

On July 21, 2015, member W88S * * * * * * 1 S1 betting amount to 80 yuan, like the optimal DE W88 Andy club (PT) “sweet party” cumulative prize pool game, a prize pool of 20 million yuan.Good luck non-stop, members and to $4000 betting on “the miracle” of the forest Andy club (PT) games, in 80 more than ten thousand yuan.The winning information, shocked many players and industry peers.Small make up for the first time to contact the winning members, members are willing to work with so many players, to share experiences with joy.

It is reported,Member W88S * * * * * * 1 S1 is a loyal member of optimal DE W88, gaming experience over the past 20 years, numerous gambling game, only with a slot machine game.With 20 years of experience in the game, members admitted that has its own set of gaming experience.First, select normal gaming licences, has the good reputation of the company, is crucial.The company will ensure the safety of payment and membership information.Choose optimal DE w88, also after a period of temptation investigation, from the beginning of 50 yuan a day deposits, thousands of yuan for a single withdrawal, slowly feel fast optimal DE w88′s deposits and withdrawals, the rich of the gameSexual diversity, and 7/24 customer service all-weather professional quality services.Second, with the strength of the platform is a kind of guarantee, the main game platform are PT, the MGS and GPI, at ordinary times will choose cumulative prize pool slot machine game.

When asked about the bonuses will be how to use the member W88S * * * * * * 1 S1, said to the accumulation of 20 million prize pool in the dare not believe, also have no preparation, how to use the awards did not want to good.Anyway, will continue to choose optimal DE W88, let the good luck to carry on.

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