W88 casino optimal DE w88 】 【 2015-2016 the German bundesliga fixtures in August

Beijing time on the night of August 15th (Saturday), and are about to hit 2015-2016 the German bundesliga in five games,
Below small make up to bring you a simple events analysis, and 2015-2016 the bundesliga game time and schedule.

1. The mainz vs for gore Mr Eberstadt analysis

mainz harvest 11th record last season, the embodiment of the middle position is also its strength.Transfer activity, mainly for the midfield reinforcements, muto jia ji, pull, firm, Frey is midfield player.But Japanese players okazaki silently leave is a major loss, mainz goals last season he contributed most.
For gore Tuesday in the b league last season played popular, also wish to upgrade the bundesliga this season.Basic reserve team last season, the team went to bayern striker lepage, goalkeeper weiss transfer FSV Frankfurt.Aimed at the back on reinforcements, SueTurner and than gayle is a defender on the pitch.
Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: fighting nearly three times, mainz 1-1-1, 5 goals, 7 ball, ball 2 times, 1 ball.

2. Bayer leverkusen vs hoffenheim analysis

Bayer leverkusen last season several rounds of the battle of the key buckle and eventually get a fourth, harvest only the champions cup qualifier, for two consecutive seasons.Summer signings strength is not strong, as Jonathan – tower, MeiHeMei strength such as notRun away is strong, leave the player is a lot, castro influential to the midfield.
Hoffenheim 8th last season, the overall result is good.Signings mainly aimed at the front line, kuranyi, uz, if ellington, etc, on the front line of the new season will be very competitive.
Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: fighting nearly six times, bayer leverkusen – 0-1, 5, 14 goals in five goals, four ball, ball 2 times.

3. Analysis of augsburg vs hertha Berlin, The

Augsburg last season was good, fifth grade, they won the Europa is qualifying.Transfer mainly increased thickness of centre-back, Max and phelp are a defender, trevor Luo Xiaofu ‘midfield position.
On goal difference hertha Berlin last season to avoid falling into the relegation additional area.The team move to strengthen the midfield and in the reach from freiburg, Patrick weiser bayern Munich last season, the arrival of the two people will bring some new idea for midfielder.
Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: fighting nearly six times,Augsburg 2-3-1, 6 goals, three lost the ball, the ball twice, ball 4 times.
Optimal DE w88, western sports special remind: fighting nearly six times in four consecutive balls.

4. Darmstadt vs hannover 96 analysis of

Darmstadt addition, the team strength, b is promoted, last season at the end of the season to 59 qualification for direct upgrade, they spent two seasons in a row twoLevel.Team for summer midfielder continues to transform, Kaldi Laura, rouse, meyer are no players.Up front, introduced the hertha Berlin striker Wagner.
Hannover 96 packaged with 13th grades last season, the season is in dealing with relegation.Summer on the front line operation team, striker Andrew Tyndall, Wayne bridge, jose Lou are leave.On signings are Monaco striker maxi Ming to join, eritrea butyl, bick, the shope and striker.

5. Schalke 04 v werder Bremen analysis

Schalke 04 positive performance, 21 games made 10-4-7 34 points ranked fourth, home is much better than away record this season, a defeat at home to eat, so far the team recently popular hit, the round of the champions league cup 2-0 defeat at Spanish giants real Madrid at home, they encounter 2 in a row.

In the eyes of all the progress at werder Bremen this season, eight – 5-8 21 liga games ranked eighth 29 points and larger contribution to the good home this season, the team after the winter break encouraging momentum, the round of the league3-2 win over augsburg at home, the league won five straight.

German bundesliga fixtures August , 2015-2016

Date of the gameweektimeThe teams 2015/8/15On Saturday,At 21:30Dames vs hannover 96 2015/8/15On Saturday,At 21:30Werder Bremen v schalke 04 2015/8/15On Saturday,At 21:30Mainz vs tower for godot 2015/8/15On Saturday,At 21:30Augsburg vs hertha Berlin 2015/8/15On Saturday,At 21:30Bayer leverkusen vs hoffenheim 2015/8/16On Sunday,00:30Borussia Dortmund vs the door 2015/8/16On Sunday,At 21:30Vs frank Wolff 2015/8/16On Sunday,23:30Stuttgart vs cologne 2015/8/22On Saturday,02:30Hertha Berlin vs. werder Bremen 2015/8/22On Sunday,At 21:30Door xing vs mainz 2015/8/22On Sunday,At 21:30Frankfurt vs augsburg 2015/8/22On Sunday,At 21:30Hannover 96 vs bayer leverkusen 2015/8/22On Sunday,At 21:30Hoffenheim vs bayern Munich 2015/8/22On Sunday,At 21:30Because of his tower vs Dortmund 2015/8/22On Sunday,At 21:30Cologne vs Wolf fort 2015/8/22On Sunday,At 21:30Schalke 04 vs dames 2015/8/23On Sunday,00:30Hamburg vs VFB Stuttgart 2015/8/29On Saturday,At 21:30Augsburg vs tower for Mr 2015/8/29On Saturday,At 21:30Bayern Munich vs bayer leverkusen 2015/8/29On Saturday,At 21:30Dames of vs hoffenheim 2015/8/29On Saturday,At 21:30Borussia Dortmund vs hertha Berlin 2015/8/29On Saturday,At 21:30Cologne vs burger 2015/8/29On Saturday,At 21:30Mainz vs hannover 96 2015/8/29On Saturday,At 21:30Stuttgart vs Frankfurt 2015/8/29On Saturday,At 21:30Werder Bremen vs door xing 2015/8/ 29On Saturday,At 21:30The Wolf fort v schalke 04

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