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Chelsea VS Barcelona in

Beijing time 7In ,29 in the morning8Point ( , local time28At ,20Point ) , ,2015In the champions league a focus battle in Maryland, fedex stadium, the premiership champions Chelsea against the Spanish & amp;European champions Barcelona.

Chelsea are:

Nearly 10Results: 5- 3 Flat 2Negative, into 13The ball, lost 11The ball

Chelsea were to play out this summer, 4 Warm-up game, after 1-0.Thai star group, 1-0.- Sydney FC, ,2-4.New York red bull, The 1-1.Paris st germain, the latest to Paris, the best part occurred in a penalty shoot-out, both sides before 6Round 5-5.Draw, 7Tiago, The & # 8211;Silva’s penalty was Kurt tuva saved, Kurt tuva personally kick, Chelsea penalty shoot-out6-5Victory over Paris.After the official Chelsea website spoke highly of the library’s tuva.Nowadays, Chelsea will be in the guinness book of world international champions leag19988712112199823873Games against Barcelona, the two teams since 2005 After years in the champions league have been languishing, nearly a decade during the frequent meetings and matched, mourinho bitterness is also the fans talk with Barcelona, now mad rate team against Barcelona, he will certainly make sent elite, and just two teams at present situation, the game ShengMian basic folio.

Barcelona are:

Nearly 10Results: 7- 1Flat 2Negative, into 27The ball, lost The 11The ball

Barca in the guinness book of world international champions league opener2-1.With a Los Angeles galaxy2Games in 1-3.”The strong> defeat to Manchester united, and for Barcelona, this time the line is one of the most important games against Chelsea, the two teams a personal, but is very hard to accept the fact that for Barcelona since 2006In ,2The champions league at 2-1.Nearly beat Chelsea, after both sides 7Meetings, Barcelona, 0- 5Flat 2Negative.As the newly crowned champions league, Barcelona, of course, hope at the end of the game when Chelsea 9The year cycle, in fact, for both to meet as long as there is no friendly concept.Personnel, less than Chelsea, Barcelona messi, javier mascherano, bravo, omar, alves, such as the main body is still in the holiday did not return.However, even if Barcelona can only use half first team, but still has the possibility to beat Chelsea.

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