W88 will go back to the water up to 0.3% without the upper limit!

We can enjoy 0.3% of Western sports, 0.2% in Eastern Sports. Returning to water without betting!
Rule and Terms: This offer is facing all W88 activities.

    The lowest return of the daily return is 5 yuan, and there is no maximum distribution.
  1. The effective betting amount of each sports during the promotion period is returned according to the corresponding ratio. Western sports betting has a 0.3% return, oriental sports have a 0.2% return.

  2. Effective bets are only calculated using the European 1.5 (or Hong Kong 0.5) or more of the mouth betting; all the layers, invalid, canceled or for the bet, and the horse race will not be calculated in the return of water return.
  3. There is no need to apply for daily returning, the system will automatically distribute you before 17:00 pm. (The settlement time is 48 hours, for example: on Monday, returning to water on Wednesday)
  4. The first saving bonus cannot be shipped with other deposits, return water offers. Members can apply for multiple returning discounts at the same time during the discount period.
  5. Welcome to log in to W88 online customer service or view W88 official Weibo, WeChat understands more details.

  6. W88 General Terms and Rules are applied to this offer.
  7. GPI platform w88w88.comw88w88.comw88 official website discount promotional sports sports return water return
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  9. 01-11-2021

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