W88.COM guarantee, perfect information, and receive the first reward

For you to give a bunk reward, good luck can not be missed, refueling to win!

Rule and Terms:

    This activity applies to all RMB members registered after 10:00:00 (Beijing time) September 24, 2014.
  1. 30 yuan reward will be obtained by verifying personal information (personal information, bank information, contact number, email).
  2. After the verification, the bonus will directly transfer to the “lock” column of the center wallet.
  3. After successful withdrawal of 100 yuan, the reward automatically unlocks the transfer to the center wallet.

  4. If the member deposits 300 yuan or more, the fund will not be able to make a withdrawal after the transfer is from unlocking 30 yuan reward. You can consult online customer service special application to unlock.

  5. The reward is 30 yuan to complete a double water.
  6. This offer can be shared with other offers unless otherwise specified.
  7. W88 has the right to stop or cancel this promotion at any time.

  8. Welcome to log in to W88 online customer service or view W88 official Weibo, WeChat understands more details.
  9. W88 General Terms and Rules are applied to this offer.

  10. GPI platform W88W88.comW88W88.comW88 official website discount promotion

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