W88 casino optimal DE w88 】 【 2015-2016 French football league 4th round of fixtures

02:30 Beijing time on August 29 (Sunday), has been in 2015-2016 in the Italian football league’s first four matches, below small make up a few games to bring you a simple analysis, and event management.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team                          2015/8/29(Saturday)02:30guingampmarseille 2015/8/29(Saturday)23:00caenLyon 2015/8/30(Sunday)2:00angersnice 2015/8/30(Sunday)2:00lilleAjaccio shaw 2015/8/30(Sunday)2:00lancelorient 2015/8/30(Sunday)2:00RyanToulouse, 2015/8/30(Sunday)2:00troyesMontpellier, 2015/8/30(Sunday)00 PMSt. deanbastia 2015/8/30(Sunday)23:00bordeauxnantes            2015/8/31(Monday)03:00MonacoParis st germain

1, guingamp VS marseille,

The home side guingamp is one of the French league middle team, last season’s league ranked second.Team last ten games record of 2 wins and two draws six negative, including home record of 2 wins and a draw.

The visiting team marseille were one of the top teams in the French league, champions league last season 4.Last ten games record of team6, the road is 3.

Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: after both sides had seven meetings records, including record for 1 flat 6 negative guingamp, home record is 3 all negative.Performance in the nightmarish guingamp new season, the team lost all three games of the new season, and the team haven’t scored a goal against losing 6 ball, bad state.And although is French former club marseille, but its performance in the sense of the nerve knives, how many loss tends to be valued by the outside world.Taken together, the individual bullish on marseille to win.

The 2, caen VS Lyon in

Caen nearly 10 games record three wins and two draws five negative 12 goals conceded 15 goals, at caen nearly 10 games record 4-3-3 minus 15 goals in 12 goals, state general performance.

Lyon nearly 10 6 win 2 draw with negative 21 goals in 10 goals, at Lyon nearly 10 games record 5-3-2 negative 21 goals in 12 goals, performance is good too.

Optimal DE w88, western sports remind: in two teams performance comparison under the condition of the visitors’ comprehensive advantage obviously, the two sides nearly six times the warring, caen three wins1-2, 6 goals, seven goals, ball three times, the ball three times, two teams ranking method re-scheduled week 14 and 2, respectively, in comparison, the visiting team has certain advantages.

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